Without STAKEM

Figuring out where to start in the cryptocurrency world can be difficult. You might find it confusing where to safely buy different crypto coins and how to set up and maintain masternodes.


Stakem is here to help you out with the entire process of setting up and maintaining your masternodes. All you need to do is decide which masternodes you want to buy a stake in, buy the coins, and we will take care of the rest!

Why should I choose STAKEM

STAKEM is bringing legitimacy and widespread adoption to the masternode investment space.

We offer masternode pool services (PoSe) to all, as we consider it crucial that this very important and crucial part of the blockchain transaction approval process will not be a division of few but very large companies that account for that part but that it is the people and the whole community there is a part and get a part of the very large revenue that is and will come in the future.

It is our goal to be an important piece in the entire development of blockchain technology and be the standard of mansternode services worldwide

Join the future


It is For Everyone

You don’t need to be a crypto expert to start! With STAKEM, you will obtain all the info you need to decide what asset to buy and which Masternode to take part in - even if you are entirely new to the crypto world!


The STAKEM team is at your disposal to help you out making the decision, and even take you through the whole process of how to set a Masternode up and find your place of the growing crypto assets market (CAM). Support in Danish, German and English.


The most crypto assets, is based on a decentralized ledger of all transactions, known as a blockchain. A blockchain is secured through a consensus mechanism. The masternodes provide crucial services to the network. In fact, the entire network is overseen by the masternodes (PoSe).

Secure Code

At STAKEM, we always keep the security of your transactions and you privacy as top priorities. Our servers are SSL secure and we use APIs against DDoS attacks and malicious bot abuse, and of course to prevent customer data breach.

How can I run a Masternode?

Create a user at STAKEM

No startup fee
No expensive subscriptions
Weekly payouts
Minimum 90% of the return is paid to the customers
Professional setup
Free staking wallet account, no fee
Loyalty program
Minimum deposit only 0.5%
Free to sell your stakes
+3000 friends in the community
Support in Danish, German and English